Singapore printing companies- Types of name cards offered by it

Name card printing companies can print name cards on several kinds of paper. It depends on the kind of impact you want to make on your recipients. There are various kinds of name cards you can choose your type of business and work. Due to technological advancement, many businesses prefer social media, but offline meetings and events still establish business relationships and networks. In this context, a name card is an essential piece of marketing collateral. Singapore printing companies are reliable companies for name card services.

It acts as a challenge for you to make a selection out of several kinds. It will be hard for you to decide which one to prefer for your company. So in this article, I will let your know about several kinds of name cards provided by Singapore printing companies:

Standard name cards-

A name card represents your company, organization’s brand and also provides information like contact details. A standard namecard is essential for your business, either you are a startup or a well-established company. A Standard card consists of your company’s identity in a small size of paper or card. It is the first thing to hand out to your potential clients, or you can attach it to the email.

Premium name cards-

As its name suggests, these kinds of name cards show a premium look of your business to your prospects like partners, investors, clients, or customers with you are handing out your namecard. Of course, the level of premiumness of a namecard depends on your level of investment. Singapore printing companies suggest you a kind of namecard according to your budget and provide you with the name card with a value of money.

Matte name cards-

It is the right kind of name card if you are a business owner who is not a fan of innovative designs but prefers a professional look for their name cards. The details mentioned on these kinds of the card varies as per the requirement of the company. Below are the basic details about matte name cards:

  • Size:  3.5*2 inches is preferred. This kind of card stands out for the kind of paper material used. Size is not necessary.
  • Shape: as the size is not much important; similarly, the shape does not matter at all. You can go for choosing any shape you want for your name card. It is required to be in line with your company and brand.
  • Paper and printing material

Satin or silk is used in matte name cards because it makes a clear statement about the quality of your company and your product and services.

Gloss name cards-

These types of name cards are the perfect option for fashion, beauty, design, care hospitality, cosmetics, and those who want to use pictures in their name cards. These cards give your company and brand a vibrant, luxurious, and beautiful look.  Singapore printing companies know how to design this kind of card to give your company a luxurious look. They apply images to your name card to make it look vibrant.